RIFT’s sixth Carnival of the Ascended has begun

Busy playing RIFT’s Forged in Flame update? Bet you forgot all about the anniversary festival known as Carnival of the Ascended. Trion did! Well, kinda.

Last year, we took a tour of the event, which also coincided with a big content update and the game’s fifth anniversary launch. This year, Trion’s updated patch notes say, expect

“a ton of incredible new items available as event rewards and on the in-game marketplace. We are talking about massive Tuskar mounts, super cool Usukhel outfits, stylish Tenebrean Wings, adorable Tasuil Balloons and much, much more. Words really can’t do these justice, so take a look and then come on out and join us in celebrating 6 years of heroism and adventure.”

Source: Twitter
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Roger Melly

Just updating it as we speak . Just to see if they put reinstated the weekly pvp quests I enjoy doing . Not sure what the thinking was behind the pvp changes but that side of the game ( the side that kept me playing over the years ) is a totally messed up due to decisions made in the last few months by the developers .


Is it six times worse than the previous carnivals? That event was simply never fun and was always a soulless currency grind… Rift never really got holidays right -at all-.

Patreon Donor

RIFT events were never really fun. They were always that thing that you felt like you had to do because of the event rewards, which means everyone did the dumb dailies to get event currency. Which then made Trion go “oh look everyone is participating, our event must be awesome!” /sigh

Bryan Turner

If I remember correctly this wasn’t even a fun festival the first year back before everyone quit playing Rift.