Secret World Legends’ closed beta has started, TSW players will get all weapon unlocks for free


Here’s some news we couldn’t wait to tell you! Game Director Romain Amiel just publicly shared two bits of information that The Secret World fans should be glad to hear. One, the closed beta for the rebooted Secret World Legends is open (yes, a few invites have already been sent out!), and the next big wave of invites will be heading to inboxes tomorrow. If you haven’t signed up, do so now for your chance to get in during this wave. Of course, there will be more keys sent later, so if nothing appears in your email, don’t lose all hope. Amiel noted that the plan is to keep the numbers high, so invites will be sent out regularly based on the number of active players. Additionally, there will be bigger rounds of invites sent every two weeks. Note that all participants will be required to adhere to a strict NDA.

The other welcome piece of news is that everyone who owns The Secret World currently will be granted free unlocks of all the basic weapons in the game. That means it won’t matter which combination you prefer to play with, or if you like to switch them up; they will be available to use and gain abilities in from the get go.

There’s much more to learn, so keep your eyes out for another exclusive interview with Amiel coming out tomorrow.

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