Super Adventure Box is now live in Guild Wars 2


Super Adventure Box has returned to Guild Wars 2 today! We’ve previously reported that there is no World 3 this round, but there is a new Crimson Assassin weapon set that you have until April 20th to finish farming.

So far the best addition has to be the new glider in the cash shop, which is the Infantile mode happy cloud with rainbow.

The area outside the zone-in and the hub inside were just as packed as last year when I took a peek earlier this afternoon. I zipped through the first two maps to try to remember my old routine, and I didn’t notice anything too different from usual.

“Awww yisss time to care about GW2 again for a month,” one dude said cynically as I zoned in, but let’s be honest: This is the kind of event you can enjoy even if you no longer play the game itself, which is a rarity in the genre, and it’s genuinely fun (and challenging, especially if you’re not a hardcore platformer!). Welcome back.


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Cyclone Jack
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Cyclone Jack

Almost worth it for the new red skins (got all the others already), but I feel bad logging in once a year just to play SAB.

Melissa McDonald

I find it hard to go back in time in graphics. But GW2 is a solid and enjoyable game. It’s especially good for more of a 2010-era PC. Quite forgiving as far as graphics card and still looks very nice.
I always liked the Elementalist. You had a bevy of weapons and unique attacks for each one. Multiply THAT by having unique attacks per weapon for each Element and you had lots and lots of cool sparklies to throw downrange. I really loved that class.