Conan Exiles offers up to $500 for exploit reports, adds trebuchets


Trebuchets have arrived in Conan Exiles in this week’s update #23.

“Players need to craft the Trebuchet, place it, and then aim it by pushing it around. In-game physics come into play when figuring out how far you want to shoot: by adding and removing rocks as ballast you determine how far your projectile will go. You can arm your Trebuchet with huge boulders and even explosive Demon-fire jars that will create a fiery havoc wherever it comes crushing down. Thanks to Conan Exiles real-time destruction physics, buildings will crumble and city walls will break as the barrage of rocks and explosives come raining down on your enemies.”

Also as promised last week — what must seem like a million years ago to Funcom, as it sure does to us — the studio has gone forward with its plan to implement a program that’ll reward players for hunting down exploits that are both previously unknown and severe.

“Serious exploits which can be used in online play and on multiplayer servers. (This would for example be exploits which gave certain players big advantages in the game, like duplicating items or being able to build inside mountains/rocks.)”

Submissions to the Exploit Hunters site deemed “valuable” by the studio will be repaid with a bounty between $100 and $500.

We’ll be streaming the game again tonight at 9 p.m. EDT, so join us on OPTV then!

Source: Press release, patch notes, Exploit Hunters. Thanks, David!

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Also, bit of funny here, apparently the trebuchets let you launch players who can then log out to avoid fall damage and easily break into any base.

Funcom you old rascal, you never change!


I’m ready!

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Trebuchet > catapult. That is all


I’ve been playing this a lot lately. After reading up on things, I can’t imagine how anyone plays this buggy, hackable, exploitable mess on a PvP server. People with asian character names (chinese mostly) can apparently debug lag through walls without ever breaking the outside. People logging into the official server admin consoles (wow!). It’s a huge mess that’s led to the drop in player population ( in droves.

I know people will drop the “well it’s early access…” line, but there’s critical things they just aren’t getting right. Patching on a Thursday means bugs like last week’s building snafu leads to almost a a week of not being able to build vertically which is huge in this game. Then there’s huge issues like NPCs despawning the second you leave their load range or other NPCs that instantly respawn too fast that are just super frustrating to deal with. Adding another ground based way to destroy bases, when most PvP bases are up on mountain sides/plateaus to avoid raiding anyways, just seems tone deaf when you have those other critical issues going on.


I’ve been playing single player myself (which has it’s own issues since day one that haven’t been fixed) . But for players with base on mountains couldn’t you use the trebuchet to destroy their stairway? It’s one thing to build a stairway up but trying to build one down would be hard and that’s assuming they even have enough resources to do so.


I also play largely solo but on a server with a few friends on it (so we could go explore dungeons and such). We’ve looked into, now that we got the hang of the game, at playing on a PvP server but all this (plus ridiculous resource costs to rebuild) have largely turned us off on the idea of it.

Apparently that’s the actual strategy people use to make bases unraidable. So they find one of the many solo rock pillars in the game, then build stairs spiraling up the side of it. Then once they get to the top, they build their base. They also “poison the well” by claiming nearby areas with foundations on nearby areas so you can’t build to get up to their base due to the land claim area. Then when they are done for the day or go out gathering resources they destroy 1-2 stairs so no one can get into the base. Then when they done they build up the stairs and climb back up. So destroying more of the stairs leading up wouldn’t really do much.

Unfortunately this doesn’t do much against Avatars, specifically Yog-Sothoth, which can fly up and destroy everything under it. More importantly to this article, it also does nothing against the numerous wall exploit hackers who can just debug no clip through the walls and teleport/float/fly around. Which they know about, but have been seeming incapable of doing anything about it.