Shroud of the Avatar launches Release 40 and its next few update plans

Keep it going full swing.

It’s the end of the month, and that means that there’s another Shroud of the Avatar patch available right now. The bad news is that the patch has already required some hotfixes, but the good news is that there’s plenty of meaty stuff within the patch. New story scenes, an improved experience for new players, combat improvements, property management features to make moving far easier… the list goes on. It’s why there’s a whole set of notes about the patch, even. (You can also check out a video all about the new add-on store items just below.)

Players interested in the slightly more distant future can also feast their eyes upon the game’s plans for the next quarter of the year. As the game moves closer to a release-ish state, the next three patches will add and polish more story, further improve the new user experience, and improve performance. The story will finally be finished with Release 44 in July, so that’s the point when you can really play through, start to finish.


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Nick Smith

Do they have it where you can download the game as a free trial? I remember seeing this at one time?


It was a limited time promotion. I’m assuming they’ll do it again in the future though.