Dauntless discusses the looting of enormous monsters

Maybe you could just, like... give me your feathers?

You are not slaying giant monsters in Dauntless for your health. Sure, it’s probably a great full-body workout, but there are ways to do that which involve neither claws nor fangs. No, you’re slaying these monsters to get stuff out of them, which you can in turn use to forge more powerful items to hunt even bigger monsters. The most recent post on the official site goes into detail about how players can collect both monster bits like fur and bone along with crystalized aether called archonite; the former is just naturally potent, while the later will instill equipment with some of the essence of the monster slain.

Players will also probably want to take at the game’s cash shop for two monster-looting buffs on occasion. Champion status and Patron status both allow you to carve more loot off of a monster’s body, but the latter stacks for your entire party and gives you a small chance of receiving cosmetic items, thus making it a bit more desirable (especially in a group). You’ll still have to do the hard work of taking down the monster, of course, so get out there and harvest some animal parts.


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Robert Mann

I can see the chat in game now… “LFM X monster, must link a Patron ability or use a Patron service, and have at least X power items PST!”