Soak up an hour of Elder Scrolls Online’s new Warden

Are you bearly ready to roll up one of the new Wardens for this June’s Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind? Future bear butts rejoice, then, because ZeniMax has delivered a full hour of information and preview for the ranged pet class.

In the latest episode of ESO Live, the team hunkers down to discuss this brand-new class, including the design behind it, its animal companions, and how its various roles will play out in the game. After brainstorming several types of classes (including an intriguing Dark Wizard), the team narrowed it down to the Warden: “We wanted something different and unique so that players could express themselves in this avenue that we had not yet created. That’s why we went with the nature theme.”

Check out the Warden video preview after the break as well as a sneak peek of Morrowind’s Balmora zone!

Source: Twitter
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