Revelation Online sells new collector packs, preps Stardust patch for April 12

Can you believe that Revelation Online has been out for a full month now? It’s probably as good a time as any for the studio to look at alternative ways to earn a buck from freeloading players, which is probably why it has introduced new collector packs to the MMO.

To head off what you are thinking, no, these are not lockboxes. Instead, the collector packs are essentially bundles containing titles, cosmetics, and months of premium game time. They range from $22 to $70 in price and offer up some desirable items such as the inventor’s outfit (now with more underboob), “dazzling” wings, a dreamy Moondrinker mount, and extra boosts for your progression. The $70 pack is actually made up of the previous two packs combined at a discount price.

Meanwhile, Revelation Online is preparing for its first major content update, Stardust, that contains an amusement park. A theme park within a theme park… whoa. Inception!

“This update includes the new Guild vs.Guild map Starshatter Island, the long-awaited Faerie’s Funland map, localization refinements and various gameplay enhancements. Starshatter Island is a guild versus guild area in which they battle over the control of four precious crystal mining points. Players will fight vicious monsters and coordinate large scale attacks on rivaling guilds in order to gain the upper hand and mine the crystals’ resources. Starshatter Island lets multiple guilds, with a maximum of 400 players in total, unleash strategic conflicts of epic proportions!”

The update is due out on April 12th, so get your tickets ready.

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Heliton B. Amorim

Revelation Online is in my opinion the best free to play MMO in the market right now. I can’t remember the last time i had so much fun in a game.
Actualy my problem with this game is that i’m putting too much time on it, because i never feel bored at all.

RO has a very solid combat system, it is not the “best action” but it is solid, reponsive, dodges is a think don’t matter your class and it works great for me.

About the world , what can i say? It is beautiful, it is huge and it is OPEN. There are so many events and lots of stuff to do everywhere. Sometimes you just want to deliver a quest and aways something is going on.

Do you like craft? Well be my guest, because RO have a nice craft system. You can make huge profits if you’re good with craft, and i’m not kidding. I can do like 100k – 200k gold per day, being smart, looking at prices and playing the AH, but some hadcore players i know do more than 500k, and it is a huge amount.

Guilds matter so much in RO, and i love it. I mean, you can do guild quests in the very begining, and you earn tons of XP and g. notes (the other currency that you use everywhere). The guild system is very impressive, everything you do in your guild base give you contribution points, and it is public. So everyone can see who is helping the guild, working in the constructions of the guild base and doing the quests.
Do you want some GvG? Well we have right now GvG arenas (one guild can challenge another), siege castles battles in the open world every saturday (guilds needs to defende castles and keep it under controll till the end) and even cross servers guild league., with more stuff coming in this update… Well, guilds matter in RO.

The’re are so many systens to talk about, like aptitude system, less you play, more aptitude you gain, and when you came online you gain more XP if you have more aptitude. So yeah people with less time to play don’t need to care about it, you will receive more XP to catch up. The’re is even an intimacy system that open funny interaction options for you to use with the players you do stuff togueter. More you play with the same people more intimacy you get, LOL….

You can transfers refinements in your current gear to the next gear you will get, even the gems, you never lose the improvements you put in your gear, you’re aways upgrading and transfering, so every gem you get matter, because you will use it to upgrade what you already have and will use it in any gear you get in the future. You aways making progress.

The last thing i will say is that RO performs VERY well, we have fights with hundreds players and you can have fun even with and old PC. I had never played massive battles like this before, i can realy put enemies down and see what is happening with 500 players in my screen.

So yeah, it is free, and it is solid. You should try.

Grave Knight

I’m more surprised it has players. I wasn’t impressed with this game during the beta. It felt really, really generic.