RuneScape developer Jagex posted another big financial year


UK-based RuneScape developer Jagex posted its latest financial report today, calling 2016 its “second successive financial year of record revenue performance.” The company claims 28% year-on-year growth “to a new high of £74.4m” as of December.

“Profit after tax saw growth to £28.8m, while profits excluding exceptional costs were £37.8m, representing growth of 21.5% and 50% respectively over FY 2015, itself a record year that saw revenues of £57.9m; revenues for FY 2014 were £44.9m.”

Last year, Jagex confirmed its sale to China’s Shandong Hongda, a company then known chiefly for its mining operations; it was party to the creation of a new company on the Chinese market, ZhongJi Holding (now known as Fukong Interactive Entertainment, according to today’s PR) which is focused on RuneScape. The company’s western leadership also saw a big overturn at the start of 2017.

2001’s RuneScape was nominated for our Most Underrated award last year and made it into our top 10 list of healthiest MMOs. The game is planning three expansions in 2017, the first of which is expected to be Menaphos: The Golden City.

Source: Press release



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Damn them for screwing up Transformers online!

Sally Bowls

I’m impressed. Runescape is generating more revenue than GW2 and a bit less than CCP, although depending upon how much of CCP is EVE, they may be at or somewhat below Eve’s revenue. Regardless, far more revenue than one would expect from the mentions and attentions (other than wise articles like the top 10 list of healthiest MMOs.