APB Reloaded tackles console lag and crashes


With the soft launch of APB Reloaded on the PlayStation 4 have come some hard truths: namely that the game isn’t quite where the devs want it to be.

Players have reported both numerous crashes and severe slowdown with the console edition. Apparently the slowdown is thanks to APB’s incredibly high character detail that’s since caused issues whenever new players load into areas, and most of the crashes were due to a single memory issue. Fortunately, the devs say that they’re on the case and have fixes coming in the first patch.

APB soft launched on consoles on March 30th and will continue as such for 30 days until its formal launch. The team is giving players freebies if they log in to play during this period.

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Pedge Jameson

It had a few days in the sun, but GTA came into the game, that’s all she had to write.


From what I’ve heard they’re also tackling wallets with a pretty terrible F2P monetization setup.

Melissa McDonald

Just don’t roll back the graphics too much. Keep the high-res one for Scorpio. It is much more powerful and has significantly more memory.


I remember this game from years ago, kind of surprised to see that it’s still going… in whatever capacity.

Kind of a shame, I still believe the game at its core had potential. It just lacked the usual, more development time. At its core, it was kind of fun in the beginning. Although due to bugs and lack of interesting content, it got repetitive very fast.


For years PC players had to put up with ports of shitty console games, I guess turnabout really is fair play.

Mr Poolaty

This game would be awesome if it was a launch game on ps3 or xbox 360 but for the current gen consoles garbage!