Chronicles of Elyria is making progress on lighting and critters

As we all know, the night sky is like some sort of hyper-planetarium.

With all of the work Chronicles of Elyria put into having its demo ready for the last two major gaming conventions, there wasn’t a whole lot of time to focus on developing things which weren’t for the demo. The depths of the mine do not need to worry about outdoor lighting, creatures, or swaying grass. You are going to see a lot of those in the game, though, and the most recent development dispatch is all about the work being done on exactly those fields.

Lighting and the sky of the open world are still in the concepting stages, but the goal is to make something that looks at once realistic and even prettier than Earth (the night sky is apparently lit up like a planetarium). You can also check out an early look at the game’s creature animations just below. It’s not at a finished state, obviously, but it’s a sign of renewed development on the stuff that makes the world feel more real outside of a mine.

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looking forward to this game! :D this and Ashes of creations are making me believe in the mmo genre again