Dual Universe crosses $690,550 stretch goal, eyes bounty system


How big can two universes get? Dual Universe is pushing the boundaries this month as community donations propelled it past another stretch goal.

Dual Universe met its 650,000€ ($690,550) “construct vs. construct” stretch goal, enabling the developers to include combat-oriented elements such as turrets and shields into the game world. That means that there is only one stretch goal remaining: the bounty system at 725,000€. The devs reiterated that they will not be adding any more stretch goals to the game until launch in order to avoid feature creep.

The team also released a project update video on the various bits of development going on, including allowing players to land their spaceships on top of flying constructs (such as floating aircraft carriers). Watch it below!

Source: Kickstarter

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Melissa McDonald

please tell me t his isn’t a PvP sandbox abattoir gankbox schmankbox tankbox. I want No Man’s Sky sized universe, but multiplayer. I want Elite Dangerous’s compatibility with the Oculus Rift. I want realtime takeoffs and landings from surface to orbit to space. I want starbases, lifeforms, interior ship exploration, a BDO-quality avatar generator. I want all of those things without someone trying to murder me.
And I will pay handsomely for it.

David Dwyer

yea that would be awesome! This is exactly the sort of thing i want. ED doesn’t capture my attention long, SC isn’t out (full featured, aka released), and while i played EVE Online for years, i got burnt out on the amount of effort it takes, and now with the in-game political climate, you can’t play EVE casually or with limited time, so that’s out.

I really hope someone does exactly what you described.

Patreon Donor

my issue with this game’s cf model, which noded i haven’t checked in quitea a while is it’s a plex like model selling hundreds of these items to fund the game.

which obviously leads to hundreds of whales crashiing the ingame econmy with thousands of these dual plex w/e things very quickly trying to get ahead.

granted the economy may some day stabilize. or just may continue to inflate like archeage.