Secret World Legends dev stream showcases tutorial, character creation changes, and combat

With Secret World Legends in closed beta, many fans are unable to get in and see what is going on with the changes. For those without access, devs hosted a livestream today to show off a few features, such as a revamped character customization, a peek at the new tutorial, and some combat. There was also mention of the possibility of cross-faction cabals, but it isn’t for sure.

Character customization has added new faces, new hairstyles, and even added facial tattoos as well as beefing up the starter clothing selection. The tutorial, which is actually interwoven with the beginning cutscenes that veteran players will be familiar with, puts players in a graveyard and tosses them into combat and option much sooner than The Secret World did. Devs then demonstrated combat, showing some leeway in where they target reticle is as well as the overheating feature of elementalism. Game Director Romain Amiel emphasized that weapons have different levels of difficulty now (for example, the shotgun is more complicated than elementalism). See the combat for yourself and listen for other tidbits in the full video below.

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