SWTOR posts a trailer for next week’s big raid update

All set for next week’s War of Iokath landing in Star Wars: The Old Republic? We’ve been getting details in dribs and drabs, especially about the dungeon, whose first boss was teased earlier this week. Massively OP’s SWTOR columnist Larry Everett has previously discussed the new-old companions and faction-switching options in the patch, and we covered the new map yesterday. And now this afternoon, BioWare released a lore piece and a new trailer to go along with the raid, the game’s first in two years.

Check out the trailer below, then mark April 11th on your Galactic Standard Calendar!

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That clip just made me crack up.


One Ops boss does not an Ops make. I’ll take the full Ops please.

Danny Smith

Man i am rarely one to give two shits about ‘muh graffix’ but the stylised artstyle of swtor is really ageing quite badly as time goes on.

Matthäus Wey

The game look bad from release on :/

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Play EQ1 and see if you can still say that about SWTOR >.<


I think it’s more a case of how much better everything in these last two episodic expansions looks. There has definitely been an increase in asset fidelity, just not all-around or retroactively.


It’s a “raid” not a “dungeon”, this is the first boss, i guess it’s a raid in installments, that said raids in other games sometimes lock progression, so it’s only strange because we know the rest of the raid doesn’t exist yet.

Either this game has a smaller budget than ESO or they are worse at managing their resources, and clearly MMOs are highly profitable but they require a sizeable investment, SWTOR will never be able to balance the content release, it’s now been over an year since the last warzone, and i don’t even care for warzones, this is now a vicious circle of neglect between pvp and raiding.

One great quality WoW has, is how it adapts popular aspects of other games to its universe, SWTOR can’t even live up to its strengths.

That said i see this being a popular update because of the many people that have been longing to force choke a certain companion.


One thing I can say for SWTOR I can’t say for many other MMo’s is, they don’t let the uber gamer control their development.

After the unmitigated train wreck that was the guild summit, Bioware figured out that end game Raiders would never be happy, so they made the game for Star Wars Old Republic fans.

I never liked their Business model, but I did enjoy the game until ESO took me away from it.


I have zero interest in raiding or flashpoints, so much less than zero, that them releasing a new raid is keeping me away rather than making me think about coming back.

Now when they release a significant new story arc, that would make me return for a short time. But that’s the catch, once I’m done with the storyline, I’ll be back playing ESO again as well.

I don’t know what bioware could do at this point to keep me playing once I’ve gobbled up the story available. But it’s certainly not galactic command, raids, or more flashpoints. The events were fun the first couple of times through, but then those got a little boring after the 3rd or 4th time.

Daily quests, flash points, meaningless galactic command grind, etc all don’t keep a player like me interested. In game elements focused on community, socialization, and building friendships? That would keep me going for a long time. SWG had those things in spades, as does ESO.


I honestly think SWTOR proves to us definitively who you hire counts. Bioware hired Warhammer Online rejects, the one SWG guy who pretty much green lit NGE, and James Ohlen who pretty much booked it back to Canada once the game was shipped.

ESO on the other hand hired folks like Bill Slavcek and Lawrence Shick from TSR/WotC and Matt Firor who was responsible for Most of the good parts of DaoC.

I’m not bashing Bioware Austin or SWTOR, I just think with all the money they poured into SWTOR, they could have hired a Blizzardesque dev team.


then they need to fire whomever came up with the galactic command crates.


Hear, hear! The rest is just fluff. The crates changed the game and many peoples desire to play it.