Kickstarted indie VR MMO OrbusVR plans alpha tests, character customization upgrades


What’s up with OrbusVR, the blocky indie VR sandbox that breezed through its quickie Kickstarter to raise $34,000 last month — 340% of its goal? Quite a bit, it turns out! Ad Alternum has been quite busy — in fact, it says it’s already put the Kickstarter dough to use hiring two new employees, one working on quests and one working on art. The studio is plotting a 48-hour alpha test beginning on April 20th, with five more coming over the next couple of months and the beta fixed to July 2017. Would-be testers who didn’t back the Kickstarter can create accounts and purchase upgrades that include alpha access.

Founder Riley Dutton has also posted that the game now has an official wiki, a form of group voice chat, a proper naming policy, and progress toward the character customization effort, including hair, skin tone, faces, and eyes.

“The addition of the faces really adds a lot to the player model, so we’re super excited to play with that the next time we get you all in-game with us,” he writes. “We’re also working on a system so that the expressions of the player’s character change when they are speaking, and hopefully it can do some pitch detection and other tricks to show expressions as well.”


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How much dev time do you get for 34k over there?

Pedge Jameson

What the hell is that DINOSAUR looking thing??? To quote TWD’s Negan…”Ho-Ly-SHIT!”
My painting style is Abstract Expressionism but that’s peeling off my curtains judge having it on my screen! LOL


Judging by graphics it appears it should be able to be ported over to psvr. I don’t know much about this game but enough to want to try it. If not just for the VR aspect.