Experts caution against VR dangers


With virtual reality headsets becoming widespread and the gaming industry jumping on board the movement, could there be a dark side to this rapid adaptation? That’s the concern of some of University of Southern California’s researchers, who spoke at a lecture to present some of the unintended consequences of widespread VR penetration.

The researchers are calling for government scrutiny of VR to prevent abuse and gaslighting: “We haven’t mastered the idea of how we maintain boundaries within virtual and digital and now we’re going to start connecting all of these other systems. So maybe it’s time to start thinking a little bit more deeply.”

With that said, there actually is a VR MMORPG in development. Yoshinori Yamagishi, who formerly produced Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile, is working on a new title called Monobit VR. You can take a glimpse of this title after the break.


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