Revelation Online deals with infestation of adorable and cuddly raccoon-people

If there is a species of land animal that MMOs haven’t made into a weird or adorable NPC race, developers haven’t met them yet. Case in point, Revelation Online’s Volopine, which are party-loving raccoon-people that exist as a non-playable faction.

The Volopine spend most of their time getting ready for a daily festival and a night’s worth of fireworks. That level of dedication to partying down requires a lot of help, which is where adventurers fit into their society. The raccoons are interesting in other ways, as they apparently specialize in illusion and transformation magic.

Apparently there is a significant difference between the sexes: “Volopine males look similar to raccoons on two legs, while the females look very much human in comparison, bar the giveaway detail that is their raccoon ears.” Because God forbid you make a female character in a video game look anything less than a date-worthy prospect for lonely and imaginative players.


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