RuneScape airs ’15 Years of Adventure’ documentary


“This is the story of a world created in a kitchen. Of a community bonding as they kill┬áchickens or fish for sharks. It’s a sneaky peek behind the scenes of an online world, of its highs and lows and an attempt to solve something of a mystery. How a video game can still be loved and relevant after 15 years.”

With these words, a fascinating look into RuneScape’s 15-year history begins in a brand-new documentary from Jagex. The studio notes that whether or not you’ve heard of the game, someone has, as RuneScape has garnered six Guinness world records and over 240 million accounts created.

If you have an hour and a half to spare, you could do a lot worse than to delve into the history and stories of this MMORPG. Check it out below!

Source: YouTube. Thanks John!
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