Star Wars: The Old Republic’s War for Iokath dailies allow you to play both sides

If you’re angling to jump back into Star Wars: The Old Republic for GU 5.2 tomorrow, better take a look at BioWare’s latest developer livestream. Or better yet, Dulfy’s done the hard work of summarizing the stream for those of you who haven’t got 35 minutes to listen to two minutes of info!

We already knew that the patch would see the return of two old story companions as well as the introduction of an amped-up galaxy map, faction-switching, and the first new raid in a reeaaalllly long time. The new bits revolve around class changes (there won’t be any this patch), command XP (the boost will continue post 5.2 and enemies will again grant CXP), PvP (season 8 doesn’t have an end date just yet), and a new lockbox bundle. The new dailies hub is also worth noting; it’ll open up once you’ve blazed through the storyline and choose either side’s dailies to complete, regardless of your storyline choices, thereby grinding both reps.

The whole stream, plus the map video, are below.

Source: Twitch via Dulfy

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