Wargaming says betting is ‘a natural part of sports’ and therefore online games


Earlier this month, we covered SuperData’s report on the state of gambling practices in digital games, in which one of the analysis firm’s claims was that Valve’s ordeal last year — whereby government regulatory boards investigated the company’s level of complicity in illegal gambling of Dota skins — have put a chill on other studios considering similar arrangements, to say nothing of the CS:GO legal drama. “No other company wants to be next,” SuperData┬ásaid.

But apparently there’s one company: Wargaming. The studio’s Head of Global Competitive Gaming, Mohamed Fadl, told Gamespot that betting in gaming could become “one of the major incomes for esports or streaming platforms.”

“You’re stupid to say betting is bad,” Fadl reportedly said. “It’s a natural part of sports.”

Fadl also believes very strongly in the potency of World of Tanks. “We’re making the game to be built like the pyramids,” he says, “for centuries or millennia.”

Most recently, the world’s biggest tank MMO added a new 30v30 battle arena called Frontline to the test server thanks to a new partnership with Austrian dev Bongfish.

Source: Gamespot via GI.biz
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