Conan Exiles goes on sale for 20% off, recaps its update progress so far


It’s been a whirlwind spring for Conan Exiles, with the survival sandbox racking up hundreds of thousands of sales while pumping out updates left and right. Funcom would apparently like more sales as it’s beginning its first sale event starting today:

“Funcom is excited to announce that the studio has just kicked off its first ever discount sale for Conan Exiles. Gamers can now get the Standard Edition at 20% off and the Barbarian Edition at 10% off through Steam, Green Man Gaming, and other online stores. The Steam Midweek Madness Sale runs until April 14th.”

While the devs have slowed down the updates from a semi-daily to a weekly cadence, the team has made a lot of progress so far with the early access title. In a new dev blog, the team takes a moment to recap some of the major systems and features that it has added to Conan Exiles since its early access launch. These include in part the new Dregs dungeon, a dyeing system, the trebuchet siege engine, more gear, the ruin system, additional server settings, balance passes, and a bounty system for players to target and rat on exploiters.

The studio noted that players are also picking up some of the development slack, thanks to the game’s mod scene. “With the introduction of the Conan Exiles Dev kit, anyone can make mods for our game, and in quite a short time we have seen lots of great and helpful mods. Use the Unreal 4 engine to make cool new content for Conan Exiles and share it with the whole community. A very cool mod called HomeBrew caught our eye recently. It introduces features like farming, brewing and baking with lots of new recipes and resources.”

Source: Press release, Conan Exiles

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