Skyforge is live on the PlayStation 4 for real

Being a deity means never needing a bra, apparently.
In the days of early access, endless open betas, soft launches, and head starts, it’s still important to note when a game is well and truly launched. Skyforge has launched for real on the PlayStation 4 today, meaning that this is its real and absolute launch. No backsies. It’s live and fully free-to-play and that’s just the way it is. You can even check out a launch trailer just below, that’s how launched it is.

Of course, you can purchase item packs to celebrate the release and get various goodies along the way. The game also does not require a PS Plus subscription to play, so you needn’t worry about paying money to one service to play a free-to-play title. Seriously, download the game and go today if you want to smash things up as a deity on your console.


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Alexandre Caron

When was the official launch of the PC version? Doesn’t seem to be any “announcements” after open beta.

Kickstarter Donor

Uhm … Ok: why does it ask you “what would you like to play first: single player or multiplayer?”

Isn’t the “single player” part just that opening into/tutorial?

Robert Mann

I… wish console releases the best of luck, so long as they don’t make the PC versions a problem. Skyforge pretty much already screwed up the PC version with problems, but hopefully somebody will enjoy the console version.