Albion Online infographic reveals a massacre of rabbits


Just in time for the Easter weekend is news of a horrific and widespread slaughter of innocent little bunny rabbits in Albion Online.

This comes to us courtesy of a new infographic showing various stats from the game’s semi-recent Galahad update. Since March 13th, over 850,000 rabbits have been killed in the MMO, effectively putting an end to the holiday and crushing children’s hopes of a full candy basket on Sunday.

There is a wee bit more to the infographic than just hare-raising mortality figures, of course. 212,815 players in the alpha have wracked up an impressive 2.8M hours played since the patch went live on March 13th. You can check out the rest of the stats after the break!


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Sally Bowls

Every game has loud proponents and critics, my reading between the lines is this has some interesting bits but there is the usual concern as to whether the sheep will find enough in the game and whether a profitable number of wolves will pay without sheep? Off the record, is that about best guess for an unreleased game?

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Hide that rabbits killed stat from MJ!