Black Desert’s Dark Knight awakens as spring blossoms with new goose egg event


As promised, the popular Dark Knight class has awakened in Black Desert with today’s weekly update. “Her awakening weapon, named ‘Vediant’ is a set of phantom blades that are magically summoned in different sizes and grants the Dark Knight special life draining powers as well as powerful ranged offensive abilitie,” Kakao writes. “With her Vediant, she can dazzle her enemies by swiftly dashing through the battlefield while freely delivering powerful melee and ranged AoE attacks. Skillful players can replenish mana, and deal bonus damage by carefully chaining attacks and skills.”

Today’s patch also showers the game world in tulips and cherry blossoms as part of the spring event and kicks off the “Golden Flondor Goose Egg Event.”

Black Desert fans should make sure to take a peek at our ongoing Choose My Adventure series, which this month features a deep-dive of BDO, as well as last weekend’s massive infodump on the upcoming Striker class and Kamasylvia content.


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Zophie Winters

Today’s patch also brought the following change:

All character’s DP effectiveness has been increased in PVP mode

Will be interested to see how this plays out but I think it’s a step in the right direction.


I confirmed shipping on my 1080 Ti card coming. Gotta grab a 4k TV and then I can’t wait to see how crazy good Black Desert Online looks in 4k on a 40-50″ TV :D

Nothing on DK other than the Awakening is supposed to be pretty damned OP.

Melissa McDonald

LOL yeah I got a 1080 a couple weeks before they confirmed the Ti was coming out.


Yea I knew the 1080 Ti was coming when I rebuilt my PC last October/November. Been waiting a good while for it to make the switch over to 4k gaming as well. Also looking forward to the super sampling I can now do in VR, should be able to run 1.5-2.0 without much effort :)