Carbine cracks down on WildStar Primal Matrix exploiters


Let this post serve as another reminder that cheating is bad, and if the game is too hard or time-consuming for you to win at, the solution is to get good or walk away, not cheat your way to victory with sub-Tonya Harding levels of guile, as my dear colleague Eliot put it.

Apparently, Carbine has cracked down on WildStar players who took advantage of a pair of economy exploits that essentially let them zip through the Primal Matrix alternate advancement system introduced to the game earlier this year. Both permanent bans and suspensions have been reported.

While forumgoers are concerned that Carbine has banned too many endgame guilds and players¬†for the game to remain healthy, Reddit is, shall we say, completely unsympathetic to the plight of the banned and is singing them right on off stage, though of course the thread is full of people claiming they’re innocent and were wrongly banned. A few folks who’ve copped to the exploit basically say they were sick of grinding and cheated to get it over with, knowingly taking on the risk of getting caught.


Source: Official forums, Reddit. Thanks, Mike!
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