Guild Wars 2’s unofficial card game is now available on Tabletop Simulator

How hard is it to print and cut cardstock?

Do you remember the unofficial Guild Wars 2 CCG? If you don’t, you should, because it’s absolutely awesome. In concept, anyway; while Luke Dowding put a lot of work into making a fully playable unofficial CCG based on the game, actually playing it requires printing out over 200 cards and getting everything cut and laminated before you can even start testing it out. Since that pretty thoroughly narrows your audience, there’s all the more reason to be thankful for Mr. Dowding putting in even more work to make the game available for play in Tabletop Simulator.

The version on the simulator is not just totally playable, it’s also had some balance issues addressed, as Dowding freely admits that he hadn’t been able to do extensive playtesting before now. So not only is the game now in a format for everyone to enjoy, it’s also in a format where problems have been fixed. Now you just need a friend who’s just as crazy about fan-made CCGs as you are to play against.


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Melissa McDonald

I wonder how big the audience/appeal is for this? I’ve never been into card games like this or Magic, etc., not to impugn those who do enjoy them, just wondering how many people actually do play them.

Dragon Whimsy

That’s pretty amazing. I hope ANet embraces this project in some way rather than shutting it down. I love seeing the creativity of GW2’s community in action like this.


gotta be more fun than GW2 is heh