SkySaga prepares to shut down alpha servers ahead of soft launch


Take a last long look at SkySaga’s alpha servers because they won’t be around much longer. In a good way! Smilegate announced today that the alpha will come to an end ahead of schedule on April 27th as the game is prepped for its “full beta release,” which will act as an open beta soft launch as it won’t be wiped from that point onward.

“We’ve always planned to turn off the lights for a spell before we hit Beta; when we’d done all we could while Alpha was still live,” says the studio. “But the dev team have done such an amazing job that we’ve hit that point a little earlier than we were expecting.”

It’s not clear when beta will launch. “There’s a lot to do so we don’t have a fixed date for this just yet, but we’ll let you know when you’ll be able to come back in and explore the Infinite Isles some more,” says the FAQ.

Source: Official forums, FAQ. Thanks to Saryent and mbbrazen!

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I was playing the latest alpha and although the game showed very solid improvements on almost all areas since beginning of the alpha testing, I have doubts on whether it’s ready for “beta” (aka essentially launching). Lots of streamlining lately, but still the endgame is kinda nonexistent for non-builders such as myself.


I never found a reason to keep playing, but I wish them the best in their launch.

John Mclain

Can’t recall if it was this game or portal knights that I found so incredibly boring, like a poor man’s minecraft. I recall it had a starting area where you had to build a portal with resources so I’m thinking it may have been portal knights and not this one that was so boring.


This looks cute I’ll give it a go when it’s out, anyone playing it?


I have dabbled with it over the last year or so. It is a fun little game, very similar to Portal Knights. I like the graphics better in PK but I think SkySaga is a ‘deeper’ game if you will with the various hubs, quests and skills. Both fun games though.

Kenji Takeda

oh hell yes!