Trove’s 2017 patches will catch console up to PC, add sub-classes for everyone

Trove is in the midst of a changing of the guard at Trion, as Producer Andrew “Avarem” Krausnick hands over the reins to his replacement, Rick “Din Othar” White. That means White has the honor of announcing the game’s next big update, modestly named the Megalithic Update. PC players, it won’t have anything for you; it’s aimed squarely at the PlayStation and Xbox One communities and will basically bring them up to speed with the PC edition, which already has the Dino Tamer class, Jurassic biomes, class crafting, and so on.

Perhaps the more interesting news for all fans of the blocky sandbox is what’s happening after the Megalithic patch; Trion is promising that 2017 will see “the ability to unlock and designate a sub-class to gain new unique abilities on your active class”; major upgrades for clubs, including levels, ranks, and rewards; a “massive increase” to mastery rank caps and prizes; and something called plasma fishing.

Tomorrow’s Trion livestream will formally introduce White to the playerbase.

In sillier news, you can dual-wield grilled cheese in Trove. Happy National Grilled Cheese Day.

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