Pantheon explains its crafting, harvesting, and perception systems


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s April newsletter has arrived, and in my mind it’s one of the better ones in recent memory, but that’s because it has a long feature on crafting! “Alchemist, Blacksmith, Woodworker, Outfitter, Provisioner, Stonemason, and Scribe” are all in the works, Visionary Realms says. “Each profession will have a specialization. Players will be limited to one profession and one associated specialization.” Harvesting, on the other hand, will be something everyone can do, given the proper tools. While NPCs will indeed drop equipment, crafting in some cases will be easier and faster, and crafters can upgrade drops as well.

The studio has also released today a video explaining the game’s perception system, which is intended to give players extra choices in what they do based on what their characters notice about the world around them. The example given works in the form of an ad hoc quest that is delivered to the character not through an exclamation point but because he happened to notice an NPC crying. Definitely worth a watch below.

Source: Newsletter

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