Valiance Online is developing stunning special effects


When Valiance Online puts out its next playable alpha build, it may just be the visual effects that will send players jumping up and down for joy.

“I think the area that you’ll see the most significant progress in is visual effects and rendering. We’re currently implementing aura and some impact effects, but I’m sure that’s what people will be most excited to see,” the team said on the forums, going on to post a video showing some jaw-dropping power effects in Unity3D.

The team has also made progress on character creation options. Expect to see boatloads of sliders that will allow players to sculpt anything from a delicate elf to a grey-skinned alien to a big-brained mastermind. Is it too soon to start thinking about what you’re going to make in this game? Never!

Source: Official forums. Thanks MagmaFist!
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