This is your life now in Life is Feudal

The MMO side of “harshly realistic, socially focused, medieval life simulation” Life is Feudal has a fresh trailer this week that’s intended to outline what your first five hours in the game are going to look like. It looks like a lot of┬árunning, scary animals, terrible weather, and desperately cobbling together food and shelter!

“Starting as a simple and poorly equipped peasant, players will need to gather resources to set up a camp while foraging for food and starting their first campfires. Soon, they will socialize with other players, working together to gather resources and build a home. Finally, players working together will divide up duties and play out various roles in the game, be they hunters, gatherers, defenders of their village or brigands attacking other encampments.”

In short, you’re gonna die. The vid’s below.

Source: Press release
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