One Shots: Screenshots big enough to wallpaper your house


Obviously due to column width limitations, we have a fixed pixel size for screenshots here at Massively OP. But that doesn’t stop some of you from playing a game called “Let’s see if we can crash Justin’s photo editor by sending in the largest file size ever.” Today’s headliner is from Melissa, who sent me a “small” high-res capture of ARK at 12K x 7K resolution. The five-year-old laptop I was working on thanks her for this.

“Great picture I think, the Spinosaurus posed perfectly before noticing me and eating me!” she wrote. “If you guys like this and want to see one I can take a truly massive (several GB) ANSEL shot for you from ARK. Only a few games support it. The detail when you zoom in can be unbelievable.”

Yes. Please. Send them bigger. I will phone up the local university to schedule time on their supercomputer for it.

Katriana sent this one in: “Thought I’d share this shot with you since I thought it turned out sorta cool. I was in Elder Scrolls Online last night and journeyed out to Craglorn to do a Woodworker Survey thing I had for there. While there, I decided to clear up a quick quest and my Bosmer Nightblade gal took place in an initiation ritual for the Star Gazer group there. Not entirely sure what this is all about, but it looked cool, so I snapped a pic for posterity.”

Every time I see the word “posterity,” my brain thinks “posterior” and then life becomes a little more funny.

Now all of you Elite Dangerous pilots have brand-new avatars, I expect to see your creations littering up One Shots!

Crow, apparently, had a good week in the game. “I had a good week,” he said. “Stuck close to the bubble and ran bunches of sightseeing missions before tomorrow’s big nerf. Then it’ll be out into the black again. Here I am approaching a water world from its dark side.”

Lots of great responses to my screenshot challenge to send in the earliest pictures of your characters from various MMOs. There was definitely a thread of NCsoft nostalgia going on with some of them.

Jon Sleeper recalled the good old days of getting and abusing flight in City of Heroes. Here he is looking down on Atlas Park, probably getting ready to hock a loogie on criminals.

I think — although I am fully too lazy to check — that this last screenshot might be the first instance of Auto Assault visiting One Shots. Wasn’t this game around for, like, two weeks? I vaguely recall it back in the day, although that might have been a fever dream too.

“Here is a another early oldie,” Zulika Mi-Nam said. “The drop in after character/car creation in Auto Assault.”

The other day when I was rolling up a new alt, I was thinking about how most of us, most of the time create characters that are stunningly good-looking. I keep falling for this instead of making weird and ugly figures because I worry that I’ll end up playing hundreds of hours of Quasimodo.

But maybe you’re better than I am? Our screenshot challenge this week is to share a picture of your least photogenic character, whether it be ugly, different, or really anything that wouldn’t be featured in a perfume or underwear ad.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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