The Daily Grind: What option do you wish showed up in more MMO character creators?

Well, it's something.

There are a number of issues that I have with the character creator for Black Desert, but I greatly enjoy and appreciate the fact that I can actually have tattoos. Not just a little thing on the side of my character’s face, either; my characters can have scrawling marks along their bodies if I so desire. It’s a little thing, and there are many games in which it would be rarely, if ever, actually seen by others… but I like it. And it makes me sad how few games actually offer that option.

It is not unique in this regard, though. I will never stop appreciating the fact that we get new hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV on a regular basis, usually at least two per patch, and they always offer new options for characters. I feel like Star Trek Online has something really nice in both allowing you to slide your character’s proportions around within constrained rules, and I also like the option to choose between your idle poses. Many of these features aren’t as expanded as they could be, but they’re still options I wish more games had. So what about you? What option do you wish showed up in more MMO character creators?

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I would like to create characters of an age span from 15 to 75 (at least). I would like to be able to create non-athletes. Everyday people. Most character generators are just stick figure barbie doll generators.


Body scars, tattoos, facial aging effects would all be welcome. SWTOR, I’m talking to you. Add some better “aging” complexions to the game. And don’t charge us extra for them.


I know this is a pipe dream but animation customization would be amazing, some super hero games let you choose basic sets which is very under utilized

Benjamin Northrup

for me its the ability to change lighting in the character creator. BDO is a great example, it has like 5 or so. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I had the right amount of “oil” or whatever it is BDO uses to make their characters slicker, or the right hair color, only to change the lighting and realize that no, my hair wont look blue, but white, and that I need to add more color, and that in some lightinings, my character won’t look natural, but instead like they dove into a barrel of olive oil.

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I hate the voice options where you have to choose between several different versions of “AARRGGHH!!” and would much prefer every voice selection to be based on a complete sentence or two.

The other common complaint about character creation – largely based on lighting issues – is that the characters we create should look exactly the same in the game as they look on the creation screen.

The ability to save a character model for re-use would also be useful, but is rarely offered.

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-I would love to see the option toi choose between being a lefty or righty (hand). Having a deeper character creation with some benefits for one or the other option might be great.
– As a person as old as I am I really don’t need a Boobslider. I assume in games with such a slider the target audience is 13 years old …

Wendigo Runner

* Save feature, saved locally so that I can back it up in my cloud drive and/or share it, to go back to my edit later
* Free (or cheap) changes to things that can be changed in real life, like hair
* Realistic proportions for both sexes (#*%ing please already)
* Numbers present on any kind of slider
* Something that is actually indicative of hair rather than cardboard or play dough
* No more gender-locked anything
* No more high-heels-as-feet, ever. Period.

… and basically, if a Skyrim mod can do it then I see no reason why a dedicated character creator doesn’t have a detailed edit option.

Ideally there would also be the option for the character to physically respond to their in-game activity. Getting fat, getting fit, based on activity, as an option so that players aren’t forced to lose their customization if they don’t want their characters to change. In a perfect world, yeah?

edit: Oh and a backstory option with pros & cons would be super cool & old school.


Pigtail sliders…like the ones in MapleStory 2. <3


The ability to create some type of backstory for my character that actually effects my characters progression & personal storyline. GW2 and to a point CoH did this. GW2 with your personal story that dictated the story you saw while leveling up. CoH with the nemesis system (although this was pretty much abandoned after it released)


Height, gadammit. I kind of know the can of worms it opens for animation, but I identify as a halfling. Pronouns are halfer, halfem, halfie and halfself.

Other than that, what some games (mostly Cryptic’s) have done with character “personalities” (basically idle animation loops) is really vital, in my opinion. Nothing seems so glaringly cloned about MMO characters today as all the identical animation.