‘Single-player MMO’ Tanzia coming to early access this month


Cast your mind back to February, during which we introduced you to a single-player RPG called Tanzia that was structured eerily similar to an MMO — just without all of the other players. Well, now Tanzia is preparing to move into a new stage in its testing as it targets April 27th for its debut on Steam early access.

Tanzia won’t be in early access for long, only about eight weeks as the team puts the final touches on the endgame chapters. The title is an open-world fantasy RPG with many elements familiar to MMO players, such as tab-targeting combat, hotbars, and the whole combat loot cycle. Much of the setting looks to take place on a tropical and jungle island, with the player controlling an odd-looking (but cute!) humanoid.

The team explained the move to early access at this junction: “We feel like at this point the first chapters of the game are nearly finished, the game runs well, streamers and testers are having fun with it, so we want to let you enjoy it early while we finish the later stages.”

Source: Steam. Thanks Bhagpuss!

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Alexander Smith

So it’s an RPG? Why does everything need MMO tagged on now?


well it’s the new trend lol.. CRPGs calling themselves MMOs and MMOs calling themselves CRPGs lol…

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Jack Pipsam

I totally dig the bright tropical aesthetic.

Story seems cute too, I will totally have to give it a try at some point.


“Single-player” is the polar opposite of “MMO”
You cannot have a “single-player MMO”

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Peregrine Falcon

SWTOR begs to differ with you, sir!