OrbusVR’s alpha begins tomorrow, includes instanced player housing prototype


Indie VR sandbox OrbusVR is whooshing along toward the start of its closed alpha tomorrow, available to Kickstarter backers (it raised $34,000 in its week-long Kickstarter in March) and those who pick up founder packs on the official site. That alpha will run just two days, though Ad Alternum has five more planned ahead of the July 2017 beta.

Most recently, the studio has completely overhauled the warrior class to take better advantage of shield tactics and added its first attempt at player housing.

“We’ve added a prototype of the instanced Player Housing that will be included in the game,” explains the team. “If you’re in Highsteppe, just follow your Player Compass to the ‘Your House’ marker, then open the door to enter. Your Player House location is shared with others in the game, but once you enter the house it’s all your own, personal space. Right now there’s not really anything to do in your house (other than throw a few bottles around), but eventually this is where a good chunk of the crafting in the game will take place, and where your Player Chest will be, which is where you can store items long-term.”

Anybody in the alpha?


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Melissa McDonald

just got my new Galaxy S8 so I’m looking forward to seeing Gear VR run by their latest pony. My Note 4 was a glorious device and served me well, she is now retired to pasture.

Social VR is really taking off. Facebook has made a big splash about their new cartoony social app where you can meet your friends in VR and even do funny things like take VR selfies with your friends. BUT, it will be reserved for a specific kind of person I think and a specific purpose that is alternative to gaming. Facebook says “we are about real people” so there will be nothing but human avatars, and they want voice integrated into it.
I am pretty certain there will be a market for people who want to be furries, vampires, robots, ninjas, blah blah. Second Life is full of them, a flatscreen world where you can be any sort of avatar you wish. Their Project Sansar is their new VR construct for people to fill with content.
So while Facebook may capture the “real”, their policies will create a vacuum for the pretend.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

Somebody buy Massively a Vive >.< Specifically, MJ streaming in VR would be great if she could fit the thing somewhere and didn't barf on it. Not sure it would be worth it for coverage since a lot of visitors seem VR-averse. I just… I need a peak into these fledgling virtual worlds from an MMO player's perspective :(

Maybe I need to find a niche of a niche of a niche in Justin's blogosphere he pulls from for Global Chat.

Edit: Does anyone know if people are allowed to stream the alpha?

Melissa McDonald

If you just want a taste, you can find a nice dumb visor at Walmart or Best Buy or Target that works with your smart phone and any VR apps that are “cardboard” compatible. If you want a glimpse of the real thing, and have a Samsung phone, GearVR is probably the best bang-for-buck solution right now with good experiences. PlayStation VR is perfect for those with a PS4, and with its 120Hz refresh rate, least likely to cause nausea for those who are sensitive.
PSVR is also the most likely to give you “tailored” experiences that are optimized.


But for this game you need the HTC Vive.