Rend sends out first wave of pre-alpha invites


In a small planned surprise, Frostkeep sent out a wave of unannounced pre-alpha invites for Rend this week. The studio says that the additional testers will prove most helpful as work continues to get the survival sandbox ready for early access. More waves will be coming soon, so don’t feel shy about signing up.

The team went on to pen a dev blog about its skill system, which sounds fairly similar to other games out there. There are no limitations as to how many skills you can work on, so go nuts. Leveled-up skills lead to better efficiency as well as unlocked crafting recipes and helpful perks.

As in most survival sandboxes, you’re going to start out at the bottom rung of the gathering ladder, punching trees for their wood and also because they deserve it. Y’know, it only now occurs to us how poorly these so-called “survival” games actually prepare players for a real-world survival situation.

“Fans of RPGs will find familiarity with our skills system,” the team said. “The general idea is that the more time you successfully spend doing something, the better you become at it (insert Rocky training montage here). A player who only uses the bow to shoot with should be better than the player who picks up the bow for the first time.”

Source: Rend

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