Take a peek at the development of Crowfall’s winged fae assassin class


OK, so “minimum viable product” is pretty much the worst thing an MMO dev can say about her game. But how about “minimum viable powers”? That’s the descriptor for the philosophy underpinning Crowfall’s power development, a new dev blog by ArtCraft Design Lead Thomas “Blixtev” Blair explains today.

“We have been building each archetype with what we think would be a ‘minimum viable power’ kit for that archetype to be useful and fun in combat,” he says. “We are leaving ourselves room on the powers tray for the player to eventually slot additional combat powers (i.e., the ones that the player will acquire via disciplines, advantages or class promotions). In other words, don’t freak out about anything at this stage.”

As his chief example, he uses the Fae Assassin, a “stealthy, quick-attacking, stabby-stab type that utilizes poisons and has positional-based attacks,” to assure backers that the team didn’t accidentally forget about stealth and illuminate the game’s wing and poison mechanics. There’s also a dive into the Sin’s UI, which demos passive and active skills, the power bar, and modes like stealth. Definitely worth a look if you’re the type of gamer who prefers stabbing from the shadows (or, y’know, running away from people like that).


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How can you be stealthy with those bloody great wings bumping into everything ?


I don’t know… as someone who was really into Shadowbane and it’s brutal free-for-all PvP, Crowfall seems… silly, childish. Graphics like these make it impossible for me to take the game seriously. Why did they decide to go for such cartoony looks?

And what about customization? Shadowbane let you pick a race, a base class which you could specialize at lvl 10, several dozen of starter runes to choose from, skills and abilities which you could all individually increase in strength or level, …
I don’t see no class/race combinations here. Is there a character design and customization tool even or do you simply pick one of a handfull of ‘classes’ and be done with it?

I’m sorry, but I don’t see this game standing a snowball’s chance in hell with all the other FFA PvP games launched and about to launch.

Matthew Ward

Ok, I’ll say it….

That looks fucking terrible, and the skills are ripped straight out of the WoW rogue book.
I have many guildmates hoping this game will be the saviour of the MMO genre…

I need to prepare them for a dissapoint.

H. D. Harris?️‍?

gotta disagree with you there


I believe a lot of games use those mechanics for Rogues and just not WoW though. And the names of spells/abilities may also be placeholders.


The names may be placeholders, but they definitely scream “We’re using WoW as our guide!”
I mean, half those names are the exact same as rogue skills in WoW and while some of them are forgive-able (backstab), names like “daggerstorm” make it seem like they’re not even trying.