Marvel Heroes Omega’s closed beta begins for PS4 founder pack buyers


The closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega is now live in the US for PlayStation 4 owners, Gazillion announced just a bit ago. A console launch had been long-anticipated by fans thanks to last year’s leaks and this winter’s poorly received streamlining update, but it was only just confirmed for PS4 a few weeks ago.

This particular leg of the beta is available only until May 15th and only for players who buy in with one of the founder packs, which appear to start at $39.99 $19.99 [cheaper packs have gone online since this post was published] and run up to $59.99 (the $99.99 bundles are for cash-shop currency). Longtime PC players will not be able to transfer characters and accounts to the new platform; that’s because Omega isn’t actually the same build. Indeed, it offers significantly fewer playable heroes as well as the recently announced local co-op mode. The studio has, however, promised that “PC support will continue.” Xbox One play is also on the way; Gaz has promised more details on the beta for that platform and the open beta for PS4 “soon.”

The launch trailer is below.

Source: Press release

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There are also 2 20 dollar packs, one for Deadpool and one for Spiderman.
Also, it should come as no surprise that they cut ~30 heroes out, if they put them in at launch, thats 30 heroes that they cant sell in advance packs.

Bloodbought Gaming

I personally have been waiting to see this hit console. I grabbed the Guardians Bundle. Looking forward to playing it when its done downloading.

Jeremy Barnes

What a resounding endorsement of the PC Version, “PC support will continue.”

Gaz did a lot of really great stuff with Marvel Heroes, but it seems that they are throwing away a lot of what they did to make it “console friendly”.