Sea of Thieves’ limited resources will force you to make interesting choices


One of Sea of Thieves more RPGish concepts is that of “limited resources.” Basically, each player has access to certain unlimited items, such as a bucket to bail water out of a boat or a musical instrument to play, but then has to forage around islands for certain limited-use items. These include food (to replenish health), cannonballs (for ship battles), and wood planks (to repair ship damage).

Because health doesn’t regenerate and ships don’t magically heal themselves, the devs see limited resources as a way to make the game more strategic and pepper it with interesting choices for players. When and where you use these items is important, as is taking side treks during voyages to see if you can find any more useful items on islands.

Get a feel for limited resources in the new video below!

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Hmmm… so my ship can get shot up and I’ll have to scrounge up stuff to repair it? Well, it’s sure going to put a damper on my enthusiasm for naval combat in this game.

David McD

As much as I want this game to get a 3rd person view and be successful I am going to predict that it won’t be. There is a lot of “we think people will do this in response to the game conditions we have created” and the reality is people rarely do what you think they will. I hope to be wrong on this as I love pirates and the studio that is developing it. But so often “emergent gameplay” turns out to be “boring gameplay.”

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You’ll need a really big bucket, if you ever want to bail water out of a ship in any non-annoying timeframe!

Oleg Chebeneev

Not a fan of cartoony graphics, but concept looks interesting. This game reminds me of Sea Legends that I spent tons of time playing in 90s. Particularly naval battles are very similar.