Netmarble raises $2.3B in IPO while Uncharted Waters Online goes steampunk


The top publisher of online games in South Korea now boasts the second-largest initial public offering in the country’s history.

Netmarble, a Tencent subsidiary, raised an amazing $2.3 billion through its IPO this spring. The sale reached over 17 million shares at $138 apiece, helping the publisher reach a total company value of $11.8 billion. Demand was high for the IPO, which benefited greatly from Netmarble’s release of Lineage II: Revolution in Korea.

One of Netmarble’s previous properties is currently sailing into the Industrial Revolution. Uncharted Waters Online announced that is embracing steampunk and advanced firearms with its Age of Revolution: Chapter 1 update. Steam engines, gatling guns, and flamethrowers are all part of the jump to a new level of technology, and OGPlanet is offering a free beginner’s box to anyone who registers on the website with the code “xanrJdmh” (no quotation marks).


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Makes sense. You’d have to have lost your marbles to pay these asset prices. I hope they’re working on a bubble pop game.

Reselect Name

I have no interest in playing MMOs on my phone.

Sally Bowls

So this means NetMarble is worth more than NcSoft, Square Enix and Funcom combined. The times they are a changin’.

Dear MOP staff,
I think I have had about enough game industry changes and “progress” for the moment. If you can’t stop it, could you at least slow down the pace?


Did you see the news where TenCent invested 1.8 billion dollars into Tesla?

Sally Bowls