Saga of Lucimia plans alpha troll-hunting expedition

This may be overreaching.

Time to check back in with that most groupy of group-centric upcoming MMOs, Saga of Lucimia. You know, if this game was a fish, it would be a grouper that took you to school.

Anyway, it’s been a while since we’ve heard much on this title, as the studio has gone silent for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean development has stalled. The team is getting ready to run its seventh early access test this Saturday and Sunday, during which the CMs will be organizing troll hunts and taking players on tour of the lands.

Additionally, a pair of devs appeared on a new Tavern Talk episode to chat up the new alpha build and all that it contains. Saga of Lucimia has expanded with new masteries, improved character creation, adjustments to combat, and larger zones, so much so that it takes over an hour to cover. Give it a watch below!

Source: Official forums. Thanks Michael!

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Robert Mann

When you are walking up to the tavern with an extra four tons on your shoulders! Sorry, just that walking sound is loud by comparison to the ambiance. I’m a big guy. I would need a lot of effort to make gravel sound that loud!

That said, I do think the game could turn out cool, but I agree that Oyjord likely has a point about people constantly spamming for groups. I’d like to see that handled, but who knows.

Finally, no, I won’t listen to devs talk about a game for an hour if it isn’t a paying job. Give me a break-down list of points, show me in game footage, whatever. But just four people on cam talking is… well, going to leave me going off to do something else! Great for those who like it, I guess.


This game looks to have potential. However with a standard group size of 8, I sadly foresee standing around doing nothing but spamming LFG.

I think the EA buy in is only $40, but since EA seems only scheduled for this weekend, and it’s more than half over, guess I’ll wait till the next scheduled event.