A new job listing for Blizzard suggests another mobile title is in the works

Oh. Good.

Is there a Blizzard franchise you want to carry around in your pocket? Obviously, you can already play Hearthstone on your phone, but perhaps you’d like to play a version of Overwatch where you’re tracking down and shooting Omnics in the real world, or perhaps a version of Diablo allowing cross-client progression. Whatever the case may be, we don’t know that another mobile title is on the way, but considering the company is hiring for a new mobile software engineer, it seems likely.

While it’s unlikely to be a completely new title, there have been rumblings for a while that either Overwatch or StarCraft would lend themselves to mobile offerings. That could mean it’s one of those two, or it could be another crossover property like Heroes of the Storm. Or even a mobile port of the original StarCraft (stranger things have happened). It’s all speculative at the moment, but if you enjoy playing on your phone, it’s all positive speculation.

Source: Job listing via PCGamesN

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Clash of Clans: Starcraft edition

Ilmater M

I actually believe Blizz has the exposure to challenge Niantic through a release of a new ARPG. I fully expect it to be augmented reality

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On one hand, I kinda hate mobile games. I haven’t found a single one that would keep my attention.
On the other, I spend enough time bored and away from home that having a sweet mobile game might be cool.


It might be a companion app to tie all the companion apps together and rule them all…itll be called Blizzard App Mobile

^sounds legit? I totally made that up

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

I’m thinking its not likely to be a new game, but a companion app for an existing game. I think it’ likely going to be a newer game — my gut says the only 2 options there are WoW or Overwatch. SC2 has been out for a quick a while with no companion app and not a strong use case I can see — same thing with Diablo 3. It’s an older title without a clear use case for a companion app.

So I would say either WoW for the next expansion or some companion app for Overwatch.

Brother Maynard

Pokemon-inspired augmented reality WoW pet battles?


My guess is that this is more for their other established apps, the WoW Armory, Legion Companion app, Hearthstone, and the authenticator. However, if they are creating something new, my guess would be a pet battles app for WoW. While Blizzard does like to make money, they also like to try create the best gaming experience they can, and I just don’t think they would be able to do that on mobile with their other IPs.