Dark Age of Camelot welcomes back old players, Ultima Online discusses summer updates


Broadsword’s keeping fans of its MMORPGs Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online busy this week!

Dark Age of Camelot is running a Come Back to Camelot campaign this spring — former players may already have gotten invites in their inboxes. The caveat is that your account must have been off for 60 days for you to pick up an invite, and you get your free 30 days only if you reactivate.

Meanwhile, Ultima Online has announced in its most recent newsletter that publish 97, which we wrote about just a few days ago and includes the huge overhaul for the popular animal taming skill set, is now set to go live on April 27th. In fact, work has already begun on publish 98:

“Beginning later this Summer and into the early Fall, we will be starting a 20th Anniversary event arc. We are still in the early stages of planning the details, but have taken note of all the event-related suggestions that have come up from our Meet & Greets. You can definitely expect to see Britannia’s cities once again assaulted by the forces of darkness and epic battles as Britannian’s are once again called upon to valiantly defend their homeland. Our goal with the arc is to keep the experience fresh without lengthy lulls in the action. We’ll also be targeting a variety of mechanics to include both solo and group activities. Almost immediately following the conclusion of the event arc, Fall will be upon us which means 20th Anniversary Rewards to thank everyone for achieving this major milestone in gaming history! Looking to Halloween we are reactivating old favorites like bone-collecting, complete with new styles of bones as well as new Trick or Treating loot, the next iteration of the Treasures of Halloween, new trophies for the Huntmaster’s Challenge, and new Horn of Plenty items.”

Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong further notes that the 20th anniversary party has 200 people signed up and another 50 on the waiting list, but even if you can’t make it to DC for the real-world bash, you can take advantage of an in-game raffle that’ll see castles distributed to the winners.

Source: UO, DAOC. Thanks, EzBreezy!

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