Star Trek Online’s Season 13: Escalation arrives with war games and a new episode

Just when one war seems to wrap up in Star Trek Online, the devs seem to scrounge up another. Today, Cryptic pushed out Season 13: Escalation for the PC version, with the console update to come at a later date.

The free content update contains a new featured episode (“Mirrors and Smoke”), improved matchmaking, class-specific gear, a rebalance pass, and a lot of ground and space action against the Tzenkethi. Another big addition is STO’s War Games system, which allows players to face off against each other in competitive PvE scenarios. To start off with, there is one space scenario and one ground one for players to enjoy.

Star Trek Online is celebrating the update’s launch with a sweepstakes to hand out a berth on a Star Trek cruise (not to mention 150 STO ships) to a lucky player. While we’re talking about giveaways, why not enter into our own raffle for a Romulan ship on Xbox One?

Check out Season 13’s launch trailer below.

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Tim Parker-Chambers

I was away from home while this update hit, but via facebook and the official forum, I saw several worrying reports of glitches with transparency and hairstyles, as well as some people saying that the game was crashing at the Cryptic loadscreen… I finally got round to logging in, and I’ve found the same thing of it crashing every attempt, at the Cryptic loadscreen… The Dev team have really hit a new low with this release, I would hope Cryptic manages to get a decent team in place, but in reality, I’d rather see a completely different, and more competent, company take over the reigns…

Jeremy Zharkov

I’m not sure how they can really call this as new season, given the last one launched in January and only had 3 episodes (or maybe 4), only half a story



patching… also I’m very curious about their “rebalancing” lol…
as I hear tacticals are nerfed into the ground.

Daniel Reasor

Glancing at the patch notes, it looks like Beam Fire At Will is no longer the One True Only Correct tac bridge officer ability, but in my book that’s not a nerf, it’s a correction.


Every build I’ve seen in various videos has been all beams. No torps of any kind, because of just how all-powerful BFAW is/was. From what I can see they’ve nerfed beam weapons in general to make torps and cannons more viable.

Daniel Reasor

What’s funny is that they’ve added a ton of specialization point skills, ship traits, and reputation bonuses to try to incentivize torpedo use in response to the FAW build, and my Vengeance Dreadnought uses ALL of them – including the Kelvin Timeline Torpedos, which fire every four seconds instead of every eight. I actually stopped playing STO and started playing something else because it felt like I had won the game.