Tamriel Infinium: Class changes are a bad reason to pan Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

Elder Scrolls Online possesses a distinct flavor. I can honestly say that there is no other MMORPG like it. In fact, the whole Elder Scrolls series is unique. The only thing that probably comes close to matching it is the Fallout series, and since that’s made by the same developer, does that really count at all?

But I still know there are people who will still not like the new chapter for Elder Scrolls Online, Morrowind. Opinions abound, and I welcome them. But I also understand that you can be critical of something without pouring blind hate all over it. I appreciate it when people can have an honest, thought-filled discussion about why something doesn’t work for them. It’s kind of a journey of self-discovery, to be honest.

And that’s why I would like to talk about why some people are not going to like Morrowind. Specifically, I would like to talk about some of the more absurd reasons that people have been blowing up the hate on the forums about class changes. Although there might be a little bit of substance to what is being said, many of the underlying reasons are without merit.

Your class is getting nerfed

Yes, I have read the patch notes, and yes, my class is one of the classes that is affected by the nerfs to… well, nearly every stat. I play a Nightblade, and I know about the survivability of the siphoning tree. It’s kind of insane. I have been able to survive some fights just by switching to my secondary bar and spamming siphon. I never run out of Magicka. It needs a nerf, and I’m sure that your favorite class needs a bit of a nerf, too.

As a game ages, players begin to understand the nuances of the mechanics and the holes in class balance. There are going to be nerfs; it’s a way of life. I have a personal philosophy behind class changes: If it doesn’t stop you from doing what your class is supposed to do, then it’s not broken. There might be new difficulties because you no longer have an I-win button, but that doesn’t mean that gameplay is suddenly impossible.

I don’t hold onto the belief that every class should be able to do everything. Classes, and in the case of ESO builds, need to stand on their own. Each build should be good at its own niche. As long as the class is in some way viable in the gaming options available to the player, then it’s not a loss. I could be snarky and say, “Learn 2 Play, noob!” but I won’t.

The Warden class is overpowered

The Warden class is great, and I’ve been playing it on the Public Test Center. However, I don’t think that it will be my main class; I’m sticking with my Nightblade despite the nerfs.

I know that many people are looking at the Warden in the patch notes and questioning why the class seems so overpowered. And I can honestly say that there are a great many things that the Warden does that are pretty easy. I have run into many situations on PTS where I should have been killed, but I wasn’t because of the Warden’s general survivability. Call me an apologist if you like, but I am OK with that, even though I’m not going to be playing that class on the live servers.

When a developer creates a new class in an existing system, that class will have to be a little bit overpowered to begin with. If it is not overpowered, then the class will seem weak next to the other classes that have existed since the beginning of the game. It’s all about perception. Even the most skilled player is going to have to take time to adjust to the new mechanics of the new class. So the developers giving a bit of a boost to the new class is not only acceptable but necessary for the class to function. Expect some nerfs to the class, however, about three to four months after Morrowind launches.

Deltia is quitting Elder Scrolls Online

I’m personally going to miss Deltia making videos about Elder Scrolls Online. He really is one of the best at the game, and he really understands how to explain the nuances of the game to people. However, if you actually listen to the video he made about his departure, it really has nothing to do with the game itself. It was the effect that the game had on his life. It’s difficult to be a full-time gamer, especially focusing on a single game. I don’t know anyone who actually keeps up that pace for long, and he’s done it for years.

We have received tips and messages stating that Deltia is leaving ESO because of the nerfs and the addition of the Warden class. I cannot speak for him; I cannot read his mind. So the only things that I have to go on are the reasons he stated in the video, and none of them had anything directly to do with the new patch changes. In fact, the only specific thing he mentioned regarding stat issues were CP changes from a year ago. I haven’t ever liked Veteran Ranks 2.0 Champion Points myself, and neither did — he for decidedly different reasons.

To a larger point here: You are a human with your own thoughts and opinions, so make your own decisions. Sure, listen to your favorite YouTuber or blogger, but don’t base your decision solely on what one guy on the internet said. That includes what I say — especially what I say. Listen, read, examine what is said, and if it applies, then own it for yourself.

Personally, I’m positive about Morrowind. I’ve been spending far too much time on the PTS because I think it’s so great. I’ve explained what I thought about it earlier this week, and if you’ve read it and agree, then I will see you when the game goes live. If you’ve read it, and disagree, that’s fine, too. Massively OP covers plenty of other great games that you should try.

Traverse the troubled land of Tamriel in the Elder Scrolls Online. Larry Everett will be your guide here in Tamriel Infinium every other week as you explore together the land created by ZeniMax and Bethesda. If you have any burning questions, send them his way via email or via Twitter.
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Giannis Papadopoulos

Believe or not, my only complaint about eso is that it does not have a wardrobe/transmog system… so many motifs and different armor pieces and we are “locked” to our current gear setup look or to crown shop costumes.

I was hoping for morrowind to address this but got disappointed :( that doesnt mean that i will not play it though..


Well said.



class / aka cp changes. The problem with the changes is not so much every change for itself, it´s the pure mass of changes made at once and that nobody, even zos, can predict the outcome of that. We already see very very weird things on the PTS. If you as a DPS have to run builds which mainly focus on heavy attacks to get your damage out just because if you want to use abilities you have to run cost reduction enchantments instead of spell damage which result in lower dps, then the game has problems. Remember the start of the patchnotes where zos is writing something about “Fast and action paced combat” ? We have the opposite now.

The warden.

I absolutely disagree with the OP. A developer does not have to introduce a new class in an overpowered state, it´s cheesy, it´s bad for the game and the reason they do this are imo most of time profit oriented because then their dlc, expansion, whatever sells better. Now is the warden OP ? We will see, he is for sure a very strong supporter, he has access to buffs no other class has.


Absolutely. I find it ridiculous how a lot of people in the official forums really think the gloom and doom of the game is dependent on some youtube rockstar or that zos gives a rats arse about his opinion. It´s pathetic… I have no problem with Deltia, i enjoyed his guide videos like i enjoy the content from Alcast, Gilliamtherogue, FengRush etc. but whether they stay in the game or not doesn´t affect me at all. And as a non hardcore player i have to take their statements with a grain of salt anyways. I will never ever play on a level deltia or alcast is playing, so a lot of things does not affect me anyway.

odin valhalla

Regarding Deltia… So you dont think ZOS gives a rats ass about a streamer/you tuber with 100K subs that were generated primarily due to his work on ESO? Why then do you think they invited him and other you tubers to MD to test morrwind?

Larry covers pretty clearly in his piece is Deltia didnt isnt leaving because of morrwind exclusively. Deltia seems to be a decent representation of a small vocal minority. He doesnt enjoy the game anymore, according to him over a year. That says to me either he is a fool, and addict or needs the income from the content he produced pertaining to ESO. There are plenty of people out there simply burnt out on the overhauls a couple of times a year from ZOS that, in the end lead to new sets of issues.

Thats not ZOS fault, they are perfectly consistent in their practices from what I have seen. However why they do care is, like it or not DELTIA was a large part of the ESO gaming community. His departure, for whatever reason doesnt help ESO or ZOS.

Youre last paragraph was great and I think its representative of the majority of the people playing the game now. You are the target audience for ZOS and I believe sincerely they want to create a positive balanced game for ALL PLAYERS.


Yes i do believe that they don´t care. Or let me be more precise. They invited him and the other streamers because he reaches out to a lot people. So of course he is interesting to them as a source of free marketing if he has positive things to say about the game. But if he says something negative they drop him faster like a hot potatoe.

I mean he even said it in his video that they did not contact him and that they don´t care about him and he does not care about them.

Why do people always think that these kind of relations have something to do with friendship or sympathy, it´s a business, from both sides. If zos don´t find somebody useful any more for their goals they forget about him, nobody has time to waste, it´s just simple as that.

odin valhalla

I couldnt tell you why people think they have to do with friendship, Im not one of those people. My observation of ZOS is they are extremely shrewd MMO game operators and I admire them for it.

Thats why I think they care, a you tuber with 100K subs that were derived almost exclusively from his ESO content. If you dont think they care, for that reason, not friendship then we have a disagreement that simply cant be bridged.


That´s an interesting point, maybe we have to define what we mean by “care”. I mean by “caring” that zos does not care enough if one streamer is leaving to change the game or parts of it. As human beings there might of course be people caring that deltia left but that does not affect their business decisions. Just because Deltia has 100k subs that does not mean necessarily that 100k will cancel their preorders oder their eso plus when he leaves.

Not long ago there was an article here on mop from some blizzard employee about the matter of “will developers change their game because people threaten them to leave the game” he said “no, because data does not show that they really leave”, very interesting.

Second you say that zos is a shrewd MMO game operator. OK that may be, let´s assume for one moment that one person from twitch, youtube, whatever has the power just because he has many followers to influence business decisions of a mmo developer. That wouldn´t be shrewd, it would be horrible. Just imagine the power that this one person would have. So if zos is shrewd they make their own decisions based on their agenda taking feedback from the whole community into account.

Roger Melly

I must admit these nerfs and the apparent addition of a “Mary Sue” class in the warden has made me less interested in Elder Scrolls Online but I imagine I will keep playing it casually and when the expansion is on sale at some point I’ll probably buy it .

I found the community way too antisocial for ever it to be a game I would want to invest a lot of time and effort into ( I may have been unlucky but in my experience it has been the most antisocial game I have ever experienced and I have played WoW so that is saying something indeed ) . I also haven’t managed to find an active social guild in the game I wonder if this is because in general players are less invested in individual guilds because they are members of several at once .

Chuck Finley

Oh, gamers and their “Mary Sue”. Gamers love to use the term “Mary Sue”. Anytime anyone says “Mary Sue” in a serious context, I no longer take anything they say seriously

odin valhalla

Great example of 1st world problems. I dont like how zenimax monetized the dlc. I made it clear in posts but then I let it go and stopped railing on the subject. What I did do is cancel my sub and am now playing other games.

If half these people STFU and empowered themselves via their consumption many many gaming issues would resolve. They dont, and companies know they dont. Instead they whine and whine, but keep playing. These are without a doubt the worst players in MMO communities IMHO. They are the epitome if the meme “cancer” in gaming context.

Larry like the game, good for him. Play as long as you can and enjoy it. ESO like all games has good and bad points. What you focus on is up to you.

From the Buddha:

“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”

Major Glitch

Ah yes, the ESO forum-community. They complain about everything, and are correct about nothing. I especially love how the the majority of whiners are people who aren’t in the pts, and haven’t actually tried out any of the proposed changes. Stay classy guys. BTW…if any of you are thinking about quitting, can I have your stuff?


There are just way to many games out there to be sweating over ESO. For me the best thing i ever did was quit playing it. I just don’t like the limited hotbar crap some mmo’s are doing these days. I also got sick of grinding out lame ass champion points. The game got real popular so of course the player base went down the toilet. The elitist snobs in control of group content make me sick. I got an invite email to test out the Morrowind expansion and i laughed and trashed it. So i know i’m all done with it.


You know what… I am human. :-)

It was a nice delicate response to some of the overly dramatic negative rants. I’m sorry. I will always question why care *that* much instead of just playing something else that makes you happy.

I didn’t rant at X-Men for NES. Hell I didn’t even question the developers intentions. I just stopped playing it.

So much easier


Speaking in general terms because i don’t know the specifics for ESO, the problem isn’t so much the nerfs as the small changes to a class accumulating until there’s barely anything left of the class you started playing.

If damage output goes from x to x-y the class is basically the same, you will have to find a new rotation to make up for the loss of power and it’s BAU, but when an ability is removed that’s a very different thing.

As the SWTOR columnist you have hands on experience of a game taking of f an ability here and there until BH no longer has fire throwing abilities at all.

From what i hear, ESO isn’t nerfing abilities, it’s removing/swapping them, it’s not guaranteed that there’s cause for alarm, but i never take it as a good sign.

Kickstarter Donor

I think having classes is one of the worst choices they made with this game. They could have just had nothing but pure trees/skills and kept it true to the universe. Classes was one of the main deterrents for me.

Daniel Reasor

I don’t mind the classes existing as a nod to MMO conventions, but it’s funny to me how lore-specific the sources of their respective powers are. Dragonknights are cool, to give an example, but I lost interest in playing one when I got caught up on Elder Scrolls lore and figured out who the Akaviri are and what they did to spark the creation of the Ebonheart Pact. All of a sudden, I was a lot less keen on playing a student of Akaviri martial arts, even if they do let me spit fire and poison at chumps.