Valiance Online posts development progress, beefs up backer rewards


How much transparency do you want or demand from your upcoming MMOs? Valiance Online’s team assumes that you’re on the “quite a bit” end of the spectrum, as the team is making a point of posting a snapshot of its development roadmap every week leading up to alpha.

From glancing over the roadmap, it seems like there’s a lot to go before the title is ready for a proper alpha test. There are a few areas, such as the creation of the game’s timeline and player alignment system, that are complete, but most everything else is still being built.

Valiance Online has also expanded its edition offerings, giving current backers more bang for their support — but also increasing the price of these tiers for any future purchasers. Some of the new rewards include laser skates, a cyber dog┬ápet, rocketboards, and being able to design a weapon for use to all players in-game.

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