Chronicles of Elyria answers player questions in a two-hour video

Let's talk at you.

The Chronicles of Elyria team hosted a public community Q&A session, and players had questions. And those questions… well, they were answered. Extensively. The resultant stream was just shy of two hours long, which means by all rights it should have its own trailers and a cast poster. And now you can watch the whole thing just past the break.

You will probably not wish to do so if you are at work, however. Your boss will probably notice two hours of video.

Of course, as you might expect from a lengthy video, the topics range far and wide, from PvP penalties to combat systems to elaborate conspiracy theories regarding the shooter on the grassy knoll. (All right, that last one’s a fib.) Strap in, grab some popcorn, and if you want to do some voiceover work for the trailer you’re workshopping in your head… well, don’t tell us.

Source: YouTube

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Do they have the money to fully realize their vision and actually launch a complete product? Did anyone ask that?

Dane Ford

I have no interest in this game due to their monetization philosophy (I say it’s p2w, CoE fans say it’s not), but I remember reading that they had to limit how many $10,000 packages they could sell. That doesn’t sound like a team that’s terribly strapped for cash. That’s just my opinion though.


That limit is more based on the game world only being able to handle so many Kings. I am looking forward to this game, but I’m seeing a lot of similar ideas in Ashes of Creation. And Ashes of Creation looks much farther along in development Kickstarter on Monday).

I’m wondering how badly AoC will hurt CoE. Maybe not at all. But I’d be a little worried if I were Soulbound. I do like the dev team. I think they are sincere and talented. But right, do they have the resources to get the game done? Time will tell.

Dro Gul

I agree. Looks like Ashes folks are giving away Alpha and beta accounts each wee to those who register an account.


When you post a referral link you really ought to make that clear that you are benefiting from anyone who clicks your link and makes an account. The ethical thing to do.

Daniel Miller

Thats the 2hole pkayscale of aoc. Refer your friends. They spend cash, you get part of the cut. Not my style game.