PSA: The Culling is free to try this weekend

PSA: The Culling is free to try this weekend

Brutal deathmatch arena game The Culling has temporarily reduced the financial barrier to entry, allowing anyone to try it out for free this weekend.

From now through Sunday, The Culling can be accessed for free through Steam. Additionally, the early access title is 33% off through May 1st, bringing the price down to $16.74.

Changes and adjustments are still being rolled out on a rapid basis to the in-development game, such as the re-introduction of the stagger mechanic while blocking. “The nature of weakness and feeble created scenarios where it was nearly impossible to overcome a HP disadvantage because the weakened player was capable of forcing damage trades,” the devs said. “We want players to have the opportunity to overcome any HP deficit through skillful play — stagger creates that opportunity.”

Source: Steam

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Roger Melly

Mostly negative comments about it .


The Culling is pretty much dead last I checked. Game had a really solid premise and looked promising as hell, had a lot of hype around it… but then it just fell completely off the radar.

The fact that H1Z1 is considered better than it is saying something, when the Culling was supposed to be all about a Hunger Games style presentation.

Dug From The Earth

Looks like its another episode of “When games are terrible”.

Chapter 5 – The only way to get players, is to make the game free

Stay tuned for next week, Chapter 6 – “We are stopping development”

Seriously… Steam reviews are really bad… even for steam.