One Shots: Through the portal?


The other day, Bree was complaining about how so many screenshots from modern MMORPGs suffer from a bland and monochrome palette. Coming to the rescue, then, is our team of expert One Shotters, scouring online games for vibrant looks and colors!

Zulika Mi-Nam kicks us off with this delectable piece of Portal Knights scenery: “The last few days I have been playing Portal Knights. I guess it is like a Stargate/Minecraft combo? It scratches the same itch that EQ Next did for me, not that I was a builder. I just like exploring and some type of progression. This is more combat oriented though.”

How’s that doggy going to get down, Zulika? Throw that dog a bone already!

The night is dark and full of terrors… unless you’ve got Crow and his handy torch with you! The contrast of the evening and portable light source here in ARK is strangely involving.

“We keep playing ARK in our house. We can’t escape it!” Crow says.

Will someone keep an eye out for him and extricate him if at all possible? He needs your help!

My call for fireworks screenshots was met — and then some! Salute to Space Captain Zor for digging up this Star Wars Galaxies vista.

“Here are some fireworks to celebrate a player city’s second anniversary — with Star Destroyers looking down on us disapprovingly,” Zor said. We presume that the orbital strike took care of any further festivities.

I kind of can’t get enough of Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box pics, so forgive me for including one more and chalk it up to sorrow that the mode is gone from the game for another year.

Little Bugbear shared this: “I got a cool shot of a orange sun in Super Adventure Box.” You certainly did, you little bear. You certainly did.

“I contemplated jumping into LOTRO for some fireworks snaps but instead went on a wardrobe screenshot mission in The Secret World after a quick scan of my screenshot folder was found lacking in that regard,” Ryuen wrote. “So here is my character in what I feel is such an atmospheric location: the lighthouse in Savage Coast.”

This week’s screenshot challenge is to capture an emotional state: loneliness. What pictures or sights have you seen in MMOs that feel just… lonely to you?

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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Markey Straub

I thought The Secret World was basically a modern MMORPG, but it looks like that character in front of the Lighthouse looks like something from Tron in a more futuristic-looking costume?

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It is but there are some costumes/outfits that are a bit different like this one (which is a reward for completing the skill wheel).
I don’t much use this one (or any of my others that I consider a bit over the top) but this was from a screenshot session. Normally in game my characters are dressed more fittingly for the setting.

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Little Bugbear

Image One: Heroes of the Storm just put out patch 2.0, so I’ve been playing that. The new loot chests system is really good so far. You can pay for loot chest or you can get them for free by playing. Loot chest drop characters, mounts, skins, lots of other little goodies, and shards so you can pick the items you want. You can get things like my unicorn mount out of free loot boxes that you get by leveling up or you can pay for gems.

Image Two: Heroes of the Storm is also giving away free character bundles right now. So if you play Heroes of the Storm remember to get your free characters, and loot chest. Because who doesn’t need a little more Azmodunk in there lives.

Image Three: All of Northrend has a very lonely feeling to it.

Image Four: Flying through Icecrown Citadel always makes me feel very vulnerable, an all alone among enemies.

InkedScreenshot2017-02-26 03_06_01_LI.jpg
InkedScreenshot2017-04-02 23_04_50_LI.jpg

Not a new mmo but screenshot is from today. SWG: Legends 800 players logged on right now :P

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So, Bree wants bright colors, and Justin wants lonely? I think I might have some pics for that which you guys haven’t seen before.

In Star Trek Online, there are effectively two versions of Star Trek’s “vacation planet”, Risa. You choose which one you want to beam into when your ship arrives in orbit.

The first version of Risa is actually the game’s original version — a wide landscape of grass, sand, and ocean views. It’s a pretty nifty realization, as game zones go, but there’s not a heck of a lot to actually do there. It’s scenery populated by various NPCs, and that’s about it.

The second version of Risa is the Risan resort map. It’s a little more densely packed, but — at least during the game’s Summer Event — there’s a lot of different mini-game type things to do there. And in the “off-season”? Well, it just looks like a resort during the off-season, so the illusion of place is preserved.

What does this have to do with lonely spaces? Well, I’ll tell ya…

A few winters ago, I was pretty ill, and feeling kind of unhappy about that. It was all sort of getting me down. I wanted to play STO, but I typically didn’t have the health or the focus to actually play.

Instead, I used to log into the original Risa map and go sit on the seaside cliff you see in these pics, next to the NPC Vulcan woman.

Being Vulcan (and an NPC!), she wasn’t much for conversation, but I used to sit there and watch the fake ocean in the fake sunlight, and listen to the fake breeze and the fake birdsong — and somehow, it made me feel a little bit better about being very sick in the very dead of winter. A lonely place? Yes. But not the bad kind.

My own personal low-cost Holodeck vacation, I guess! :-)



Ok. It must Sunday, yes? Alright! The theme for this week is capturing loneliness. Well, that depends on the situation doesn’t it? Lets take a look at a few from my week in vid gaming.

Cap 1: Winter is coming in BnS. I don’t think there is much more needs be said. There can be beauty in gloom, but it can also be lonely.

Cap 2: Heaven’s Mandate a dungeon in BnS. But wait, my toon isn’t alone! No, she is not but if you look carefully at her face under the flowery wreath you will notice that I created her to look just like the boss towering beside her. And yet the boss didn’t even give her a second look. You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. *sniff*

Cap 3: Standing alone against great odds can be quite lonely. It isn’t a somber moment, no. It is a moment of panic when you realize you just started playing this damn game and your first goliath class boss is standing before you. “WTF? Where is everyone?!!” Such is your fate in Nier: Automata.

Cap 4: It can be lonely when you look good. It is hard to be humble. ;)


The subterranean lake in Tangled Depths, GW2.
There’s a whopping one event in the place, that nobody does; and it’s always empty of players (how many times have I seen people not even finding the entrance… not that complicated, but certainly spiral-y).

I like massive underground caves, especially when it’s all overgrown and full of swamp water.


It wouldn’t be a true jungle/cave system, if you didn’t get lost every now and then! XD

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Rees Racer

“…capture an emotional state: loneliness.”

Despite several different modes of team play in Winning Putt Online, sometimes it’s just you and your putter left to walk off the 18th green after a round, wondering how it all went so terribly wrong.

Melissa McDonald

World Golf Tour is a good free one,



Before Lion’s Arch changed into a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. themed amusement park made of concrete, there was a narrow access to an eerie underwater cave, deep down in L.A.’s canalization!

It has been created by the one devastating tsunami, when Orr rose up again from the ocean’s depths, encasing ship wrecks deep down below the ground of old L.A.! Now, even its access has been sealed off forevermore by tons and tons of concrete, below the current 2nd rebuilt of new L.A., making me think as an even lonelier place!

(edit: screenshot order got scrambled. It goes as follows, while diving from the canalzation’s access deeper and deeper down the cave: 4,5,6,1,2,3)

Kirk Steadman

I really miss old LA, it actually felt like a pirates town. New LA has none of the grit that made the original so cool.


Now and then, I revisit old L.A. by doing certain vanilla personal story episodes (e.g.: Order of Whispers chapter IV, ep 1, 2, 4a or b), even though there is a color filter sometimes on, and the area you can walk is restricted!

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

Poking around more in Portal Knights is the only thing I have done this week. I reached the end of the EA content by completing all of the boss fights, but I have still been exploring some & falling to my death.

That is a cat in the featured pic. There may be a dog, but I haven’t found one. You stumble across pets in cages, mostly in dungeons, like the mouse in the pic below.

I believe there is a free trail/demo of Portal Knights on Xbox One and PS4 – if anyone has those and is interested.

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Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

I had some good BDO lonely shots too, but they were likely lost in the great Raid 0 crash of Sept 2016.