How Shroud of the Avatar’s night sky impacts gameplay


Other than for providing an atmospheric backdrop to night questing, starry skyboxes in MMOs don’t really mean or do much. This is not the case for Shroud of the Avatar, however, as astrology apparently does impact the game’s systems in some way.

In this past weekend’s newsletter, the team talks about how it’s updating the night sky and the devices used to observe it in-game: “When changes were made to the original moondial to account for us getting much closer to our actual in-game sky and all its celestial bodies…this time, with our system incorporating not only the correct moon order, but also the ideology and actual timing of the attacks of the Cabalists and their unholy minions, the moondials themselves (which Richard [Garriott] always wanted to be functionally-accurate tools of celestial observation) needed to change once again to reflect our most recent updates.”

The newsletter recapped the many changes that went into last week’s Update 41, showed a new and improved store interface, and shared more progress on the Oracle and beginning Outskirts zones.


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Melissa McDonald

Sounds pretty cool. Depth makes a game interesting. I just hope they don’t obsess on things like that whilst suffering item dupe bugs, hacks, cheats, etc.


SotA has many aspects to game design like this. It’s just not apparent and rarely broadcasted. Usually a player figures it out and that’s how it’s first discovered. I love this game. Absolutely fantastic community. But I woe the decision to make the game world so compartmentalized. It’s a damn shame because if SotA were more open world I think it would be much more popular.

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I’ve just started digging into this game. It’s looks very much like a “living world”, which makes me happy :-). Progress is slow, though – still trying to find Liliana’s painting in the first zone. Leveling blades, bows, fishing, air and sun magic.